Linking Exterior and Interior Design

Another important step of designing your patio is choosing whether to link it to your interior or completely changing styles and ambiances would be better. Keeping certain materials and patterns in your exterior and interior designs enable you to reflect the style of your interior while blending with your garden.

To achieve this, you can match your decking colour/patterns to the outside of your house, and continuing the colour scheme of your interior on furniture and decorations of your patio. To do so, take a close look to samples of colours and patterns available for decking boards and try to match them to your house. A house with brightly coloured brick walls will look better with a similar coloured exotic wood composite decking pattern, while a more neutral toned house on the cream, grey or white spectrum will blend more nicely with a silvery-grey pattern for composite decking. Using composite decking to design your patio area when you want to link it with your interior design is a great way to ensure the look of your patio throughout the years without having to worry about staining, rotting and it changing colours. Composite decking has a wide array of patterns and colours, imitating traditional wood decking to perfection without its disadvantages and high maintenance costs, with a longer lifespan. By comparing colours and patterns, you will be able to avoid clashing between the existing architecture of your house and your patio.

By blurring boundaries between the walls’ colours and the surface area of your patio, you can make both spaces feel bigger. But finding the right material to compliment your interior design, with an interesting pattern fitting to resist against the weather is a hard find. And yet composite decking might do the trick: composite decking has the advantage to be available in a wide array of colours, patterns and simile woods ranging from common to exotic wooden colours. Choosing composite decking as a base for a garden patio gives it protection rarely available to other types of decking. Composite decking is resistant to the sun’s UV causing discoloration, and rain, which can make wood rot, stain and make splinters harmful for children and pets. Having a textured decking material in your patio is important for a more comfortable grip.

To ensure that designing a patio in the continuity of your interior’s flooring won’t ruin your floors due to flooding, barely raise the level of the outside decking boards won’t be enough. To protect their integrity, the patio should gently so rain water won’t accumulate on walls and floors.

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