Garden & Decks Trends 2019

Creating an outdoor space to improve your garden, is a great way to add value to your property, and even if you’re not planning to sell, it gives it a fresh new look! While there are a wide array of choices when designing a house, designing a patio or a deck outside has to follow some rules if you don’t want to it to get destroyed by the environment.

As for the aesthetic part of it, when creating a patio, you can expand your creativity to its pinnacle and try everything. But if you still need a bit guidance, here are the top trends for garden and patio designing of 2020:

Shading your deck

Summer is still far away, but the sun is coming back, and, with it, sunglasses and the need to spend time outside to get a little bit more of vitamin D. But when staying outside for a long period of time, you can find yourself wanting a bit more shade and soft light around you. If your patio isn’t installed yet, consider installing it near a tree, with lots of branches and leaves to natural shade you in a hue of green and yellow. And if your deck is already in place, why not add UV-stabilized lattice or a pergola, as they will not only protect you from sunshine but give you a bit more privacy if you have close neighbours.

Glass Verandas

Glass verandas are becoming increasingly popular in 2020 with more people staying close to home, they need to make the most of the outside space. With British weather  there is a big need for verandas to protect people from the elements. Glass verandas are a great way to increase the use of your outside space. One company that specialises in these types of verandas is Glass verandas UK who have a great range of verandas in all shapes and sizes.

Bright & bold colours

Rumour has it that rich cappuccino, chili pepper, and chocolate are the new hot colours for outdoor living spaces. While this sounds appetizing, it’s a given that red browns, caramels tones, earthy shades of clays and mushroom tones look really good on decking boards with cream and dark brown furniture. While these colours might only be found in exotic wood boards, composite decking, its alternative, might just have more colours and patterns on this matter. Compliment the ensemble with textured, lighter details to contrast the bold colours.

Bring on the water

Decks on small pounds and floating decks are romantic and gorgeous, but not everyone has a small body of water in their garden. Instead, add to your deck’s decoration a small zen fountain, the sounds they make are incredibly relaxing and they look good with everything. To ensure that your new decoration will not harm your patio, choosing materials with low moisture absorption, such as composite decks. Composite decks are completely water resistant, won’t stain and are textured as to not slip on them.

Modern lights and rails

With darker colours, comes the trend of the modern patio. Say goodbye to overcrowded decks full of gardening tools and kids toys and hello to clean, modern and sleek patios with minimalist lamps giving just enough light to read and dine. Attention is in detail, and in this trend, they must minimal. Add rails if your deck is slightly floating above the ground, so its safer for kids, and it will look as if a whole new room of your house.

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