Eco-Friendly Decking

Today’s exterior design trend is being eco-friendly. With veganism becoming more and more of a popular choice, natural products or eco-friendly decking alternatives are chosen to reduce our impact on earth (and also the economy) by trying to improve the way we live, and in that instance decorate. There is a myriad of choices available for the eco-friendly gardener who will make your exterior gorgeous without harming the environment or your wallet.

There are little tricks available to improve your garden to make it eco-friendlier than before. For example, ornamental moss is a great idea to add to your garden’s design, to add touches of colour and to help absorb airborne pollution.

Adding bee bricks to your garden are a great addition to populate the wildlife of your exterior, they can be added to brick walls on the external side of your property.

Concrete and render are now widely being replaced by stone walls by local sources or composite decking, which is seen as eco-friendlier than wooden decking. Composite decking lasts longer than wooden decking needs fewer products harmful to the environment for its maintenance and is made from recycled unwanted plastic. Using composite decking is a great alternative to reduce one’s carbon impact, deforestation, usage of plastic and chemicals in nature. Furthermore, by using composite decking for a patio area near your house, you can more easily cultivate fruit trees, or mini-meadows, since the deck boards won’t be attacked by the watering, as they have low water-absorption, they won’t rot.

Sustainable gardens prefer to use environmental-friendly and ethically sourced products and materials to design, install and maintain their garden.  

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