Decorations, furniture and lights

To design your deck and patio accordingly to your original interior design, our first tip is to see it as an extension to your house, such as a new room: in that way, you can have a clearer idea of how you want to decorate it, like an outside dining room, kitchen or more commonly living room.

In the case of an exterior kitchen, furnishing your patio with all the necessary furniture and accessories so as to not have to run back inside when cooking, is essential. However, furnishing an outside kitchen is more difficult than a living room as kitchen appliances must be useful for cooking and resistant to the outside weather. As inside, spills and mess are sure to happen in a kitchen and so as to not stain or damage the patio’s floor, you can use composite decking as it doesn’t stain and require minimal maintenance against the environment’s impact and spills. To make sure that the kitchen stays clean, think about adding a roof to your patio, either by installing it under the veranda or adding a pergola to keep the kitchen safe from the kitchen.

As for the entertainment factor, adding a patio to your garden to make it into a dining room, is great to invite guests without the constraints of the interior for an outdoor barbecue or dinner under fairy lights. If planning a dinner outside after the sunset, lighting will be a very important factor for the design of your deck: choose lights and lamps that shine brightly enough to illuminate the table and the dishes but not enough to blind the neighbours, and fairy lights or decorative Moroccan lamps for decoration. If you are wary of insects, special light bulbs can make your lights less attractive to flies or moths.

To design your outside living room, there is no secret you have to refer to the inside while keeping in mind the weather. In that sense keep the furniture waterproof, or add a rood (mentioned above), but that’s not all. A living room, whether inside or outside, has the main purpose to be comfortable and a place to entertain guests or read a book in peace. And as it is, primarily, your space, don’t be afraid to mix and match materials, colours, and design to create your own little paradise without the constraints of the interior design established colour theme. Choose composite decking as a base to have a wider array of colours and patterns (mentioned here) and add a fire pit, a big outdoor rug or garden storage. To make your patio inviting consider investing in some comfortable and outside friendly chairs and furniture, such as recliners, coffee tables, and sun loungers.

Finally, one of the best aspects of designing an outdoor space is the option to choose and decorate mainly with natural materials or nature itself. Either install your patio under a tall tree or add touches of nature and colour to your design with small meadows and flowers around you. And if you don’t have a green thumb, artificial grass is the best solution for a low-effort, low maintenance option to add linking your house to your patio, to safely move around without having to put on outdoor footwear.

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