Creating the perfect deck area

Designing your deck is an essential part of improving your garden style. There are so many types of decking, gardening, and furniture to use and mix up to create your personal unique piece of paradise.

Creating a private space

If your deck is mainly for relaxing, reading and gardening calmly or for candlelight dinners, feeling overlooked at by your neighbours would feel uncomfortable. Using trellis or plants is a great way to create a space hidden from outside eyes as well as adding a beautiful green look to your deck. The other solution (with bigger changes and redesigning) would be to add a pergola on top of your deck to create its own relaxing room outside of the house, under it you can enjoy a nice outdoor dinner or summer nap underneath its protection.

Optimizing the area

If you have a smaller area available in your garden, to customize into a patio, think about using walls and fences for additional garden space to decorate and storage. Adding a trellis to walls will make wall shrubs and climbers able to grow and will look gorgeous next to suspended plants or small colourful decorations. Jasmines or rambling roses are beautiful flowers you can grow on a trellis and will give a feminine and relaxing vibe to your creation. But be careful as to not cramp your patio with things you don’t need as smaller courtyards can become messy and overcrowded when not designed with their size in mind. A great solution for this would be to hide part of your composite decking patio with bamboo or flowerbeds, to make your garden look larger than it is without taking over too much of its space.

Trying a bold design

Now sure, you wouldn’t add a big piece of cobalt blue furniture in the middle of your cream and white living room, but the garden is another matter. Since it’s outside of your house, try to go for something a bit more adventurous and outside of your designing comfort zone. So, find an exciting colour or pattern for your composite deck or unique bright-coloured garden chairs and try something new. If you want to try something new with plants, opt for an exotic pattern of composite decking and plant bamboos and Miscanthus grass and transport yourself into your own private oasis, complimented off course with a small zen Japanese water fountain for ambience noises.

Personalizing it to your needs

As you will be the principal user of this patio, cater to every specific need you might have when using it. Will it have a small outdoor kitchen space or do you want to lounge when taking a break from gardening? Add a container garden with carrots, tomatoes, melons or whatever your heart desire to be able to quickly grab it. If you love the smell of flowers you will appreciate reading a novel under the shade, plant bush roses, fuchsias or camellias to be filled with the sweet smell around your reading spot. Do enjoy birds and squirrels in your garden? Add a bird feeder, and flowers to attract butterflies.

Thinking about lighting

When are you most likely to go to your patio, it is for a nap in the afternoon or to eat dinner under the stars? If you want it to have more of a nocturnal usage, think about investing in garden lighting. If we stay in the same area as ecological composite decking, then solar-powered garden lights seem to be the ideal option, you can hang them from tree branches, on the before mentioned trellis and more. If you want to add a cosier style to your evening, choose Moroccan lanterns with citrus candles to repel insects from your lovely dinner.

Accounting for the weather

While composite decking will resist the weather, from the sun’s UV to hard rain, and not rot, stain or lose its colour, other decking and furniture won’t have this advantage. Think about adding a pergola or patio umbrella to protect the area from the rain, or in winter, a patio heater, fire pit or chiminea to keep warm outside.

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